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  • Treasure Tuesday with The Lady Katrina

    Right from the beginning of Her webcam career, The Lady Katrina has been at the TOP of Her game. Putting hours in, and getting rewarded with an audience of adoring fans, and a fat paycheck.

    For Treasure Tuesday we are releasing this interview with The Lady Katrina, written by TreasureCams studio head, Bella Vendetta!

    This interview along with a full photospread will appear in the next issue of

    I first got to meet The Lady Katrina at Fire and Wolf Studios, in Western, MA.  I knew She would be a kindred spirit.  We happened to move around each Other for quite a few years, almost connecting but not quite.  At one point I found out She had history as an exotic dancer, and I asked Her to come perform with Me at a  club, and gave  Her the inside skinny on the manager being a stocking fetishist so We could control him, haha!    Great minds truly do think alike.  I ended up quitting the club actually soon after I started so We missed our chance  again, and it wasn’t until several years later that We would reconnect.  Again at another night club, where I was throwing a performance and asked The Lady Katrina to grace the stage with Her presence.  It was such a busy night, you know how parties go…We barely got to connect and hang out.  When I managed a club for a short time The Lady Katrina came to perform and take everyone’s money and it seemed like it was going to be the start of a beautiful relationship…and again…stripclub shit.  I ended up quitting the club, We didn’t get to realize our club dreams together yet…I definitely did NOT give up!  I knew We were somehow destined for greatness together.   When I started My webcam studio:, I approached The Lady  Katrina asking if She had any interest in livecam.  She wasn’t sure at first but with some urging to try it out, She quickly found Her way into a TOP earning spot across the whole platform!

    From there our connection has grown and we’ve been able to work with each Other in a professional and artistic capacity.  Doing gorgeous photoshoots, making plans for videos and live performances and working together on  The Lady Katrina’s cam takeover!

    I think She has a really unique perspective of someone who has been in the professional Domination and entertainment industry, in person for so long, and then made this incredibly difficult switch to online, and excelled at it!  I wanted to interview Her and find out alot more about what She has going on.

    How did You first get introduced to fetish play and BDSM?

    I have always been an open minded and experimental person. I realized very early on I love to bite, scratch/claw, and have My feet worshiped. As an avid reader, I would have to say that finding Anne Rice’s erotica was definitely My biggest eye opening in regards to fetish & BDSM. The first fetish event I ever attended felt like a home coming and I knew I had found My people.

    How did You decide to pursue professional Domination?

    I was actually recruited into the professional aspect of Domination and kink. I was already working as a performer/dancer and professional cock tease and something in My demeanor and approach caught the attention of My first official mentor, Mistress Louis D. Perhaps it was that I already was integrating foot and ass worship as well as breath play and cbt into My dancing that clued her in. I honestly didn’t even realize that professional Domination was an option up until that point!

    What was Your training or learning experience like?

    I would describe My training as old school apprenticeship. I would say that Mistress Louis D was old guard militant/domestic in her Dominance style and it reflected in My training. I cleaned the studio and equipment after her sessions. I listened in on Louis answering calls and taking bookings, and then assisted in fielding these for her.  With the agreement of her clients, I assisted in sessions as a voyeur, a second bottom, and co-Domme. One day Louis had an inquiry that she wasn’t inclined towards and said I should book the client if he and I were both agreeable to it. I continued to see clients via and with Louis for some time before we eventually parted ways. I then made My way to The Red Door Dungeon whom, at the time, My friend Miss BB Kitty was Head Mistress. Under Kitty’s guidance I solidified My established skills and got to continue to grow and develop as a Domme. I feel very lucky and blessed to have had the mentors I did early on. They were both extremely professional, safe (in regards to both their own safety and their submissives’), and generous in sharing their wisdom. What I learned from them truly set the tone for this adventure. Over the years I have learned from many others of course, including other professional and lifestyle Dominants as well as educational events and programs.

    Where are some of the places You have sessioned?

    I have sessioned in private and public dungeons/studios, at events, and public play outings in MA, OH, PA, WV, FL, NV, NC, & SC. Public dungeons I have sessioned at include the infamous Red Door Dungeon on Cleveland, OH and the unfortunately now closed Fire & Wolf Dungeon in Chicopee, MA.  

    Last year You transitioned to online work and joined TreasureCams webcam studio. What has been Your experience of transferring skills and knowledge to do online work?

    Honestly, I have found that My years as a dancer and performer helped prepare Me quite well for online work: managing people in states of intoxication, navigating the balance of being available to make a connection without allowing My time to not be valued, being comfortable in My power as a sexual Woman, being able to quickly create rapport to name just a few crossover skills. Domination gave Me the skills to easily say no to things that are not of interest to Me and to understand that there are plenty of people who crave things for which I do have interest. Being kinky is not only true to who I am, it can be a very profitable niche. Having spent My adult life working for Myself, I know how to look at and navigate My time and finances in a weekly/monthly/seasonal/yearly way that someone transitioning from more a traditional situation may find difficult.

    What are some of the differences and similarities between in person and online work? 

    With in person work I am able to physically guide someone through an experience via applied sensation. Ie pain, tease, sense dep/overload. Whereas with online work I need to rely on creating an aura of experience for someone via guidance and witness when possible. I also do not have the same energetic and physical cues online as in person to read how someone is reacting. I have had to become more comfortable with it sometimes truly just being a show/fantasy and that being enough if that is the level of connection the client is comfortable within. Online work has pushed Me to grow in ways that I may not have otherwise. I have had to develop more aptitude for humiliation play and role play. I have also been able to explore more deeply kinks that I enjoy but I do not offer in person, professionally, such as cuckoldry. Both in person and online work do have delicious opportunities for power exchange in all its forms be it service, worship, S/M, financial, etc. 

    What type of fetish shows and sessions can folks expect from You online?

    I offer tradition styled sessions similar to an in-person experience, life/style coaching sessions, and various fetish sessions such as foot & ass worship, boots/shoes/stockings, gloves, and leather. Shows that one can expect include humiliation and SPH, strap-on worship & pegging, dancing and tease/denial, cuckoldry, and circle jerks (which often evolve into bi-encouragement &/or cuckoldry). 

    When and where can we find You online?

    I am active on Twitter & IG @TheLadyKatrina 

    I have photo sets on Vendetta Verse

     and photos & videos available on My cam page as well. 

    I am online live at Thu, Fri, Sat, & Mon night starting between 9-10PM EST until 4AM EST. 

    Official Treasure Cams profile:

    What’s the first step in how a submissive should approach You for training or play?

    After familiarizing themselves with My website and social media a submissive can fill out My Supplication & Session Request Form which is on the contact page of My site.

    What’s the best way to impress You and get Your attention right off the bat?

    Potential subs that send a small gift/token of appreciation along with their form and follow My protocol without complaint get My attention. It shows that they understand the dynamic of our potential relationship and that they value My energy, time, and safety. For Me to find someone impressive, they need to be at least self aware of, if not self actuated as to, their interests, desires, and goals in regard to kink, BDSM, & D/s, and able to articulate that information. Even if that awareness is that they are completely new and exploring, quality communication is the key that gives Me the opportunity to create an amazing experience for someone.  

    Plans for 2022 and beyond You would like to share?

    This year I am focused on continuing to grow as an online Domme and performer. I am upgrading My (computer et al) system, again, soon. I really want to expand My wardrobe and props collection! I have a number of exciting photo shoots planned, and a short film is in discussion. As the world shift into this strange new “normal” I am planning to start attending kink events again which always feeds My energy, imagination, and skill development. 

    Written by:

    Bella Vendetta

    Bella is an internationally published fetish model, writer and BDSM educator.  Find more of Her work on:

  • Interview with Bella Vendetta of TreasureCams

    Happy Treasure Tuesday yall! If you missed Bella Vvendetta Titty Tuesday liveshow don’t forget to tune in to next week’s show starting at 8 am at:

    Maybe you wanna get to know Bella a little bit more deeply? HYou are in luck!

    This week TreasureCams mastermind and veteran porn and webcam performer, Bella Vendetta did an interview with vlogger Kassandra T Dark, who will hopefully be joining the TreasureCams team as a performer some time in the future!

    Bella talks about how she started the studio, queer porn, sustainable cam careers and so much more, give it a listen!

    Every tuesday morning Bella celebrates Titty Tuesday by livestreaming from 8 am til noon at:

    Every Tuesday Bella celebrates Titty Tuesday by releasing a new set of sexy titty pics on her. website:

    check it out:

    If you like what you hear in the. interview and think signing up to cam with our studio seems like a good fit for you, sign up here!
  • Interview with Seska

    Today for Treasure Tuesday we are releasing this cute interview we did with top Treasure Cams performer: SESKA!

    Seska is not only a top Treasure Cams performer, but also a top earning model across the entire streamate platform! She has placed among the top 500 models multiple times. Check out her Profile for more!

    Seska is currently nominated for “Best MILF Cam Performer for the 2022 Xbiz Cam Awards! Don’t forget you can vote for her DAILY for FREE by CLICKING HERE!

    The Real Seska

    Interview by Bella Vendetta:

    How are you finding your new home environment?  And how is it different camming from there?

    I’m very happy in my new place. I stream from my bedroom and it’s a bit smaller than my previous one so I’ve had to develop some new body memory as I tend to be spontaneous and very much “in the moment” when I cam unless someone requests a position or a camera angle. In my new place, I realized I liked to lean in certain ways that didn’t work in the new space. Thankfully I found my new sweet spots for excellent views (especially of my bush).

    I’m also thrilled with how quiet it is. My old apartment was undergoing very noisy repairs and it made for a very unsexy experience for me. No one likes Cranky Seska including me!

    What is your schedule and when can people find you live?

    I’m live 7 am – 11 am Eastern Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I’ve recently added a happy hour shift 4 pm – 8 pm on Monday. 
    Once a week (usually on Friday at 8 am) I do what is called an “external show” where members of my paysite can log in directly and get free access to a 20-30 minute group show. I go on a sexual journey much as I did during my original cam shows of the early 2000s. I might use all of my butt plugs from the smallest to biggest or have multiple orgasms in various positions while describing in detail how everything feels. These shows are archived for my members and I also record them and edit together the highlights as a bonus paysite update as well as something I post in my Streamate clip store. 
    By the way, non-members can catch these shows on a pay-per-minute basis and I do chat and interact with them just like I do every show though if I’m in the midst of a powerful orgasm it might take a moment.

    You cam in the morning, what is that like?  I think a lot of people must be surprised that you make a living doing sex work at such an early hour!

    I love camming in the mornings. I find the viewers to be sweet, smart, respectful and focused in their horniness and there are a lot of them.  
    Many are in similar time zones to me and are looking for some pleasure before they start their day. Those in Europe and thereabouts are sneaking in some fun at the office between meetings and those in Australia and New Zealand are relaxing at the end of their day and up for some naughty fun. It’s a great mix.
    On the weekends’ people tend to have more time to go deeper into their fantasies and I get kinkier sessions with cuckolds, crossdressers and guys who have their own toys— all of which are such turn-ons for me. People who trust me with their secret fantasies and kinks are some of my favourite cam clients.

    What kind of cam shows do you do?  

    I do a sensual come-together show (something I’ve nicknamed The Seska Classic). I love to get naked and touch myself everywhere with my fingers using luxurious lube and oils and then introduce my beautiful dildos and powerful vibrators so I genuinely enjoy myself as my viewers do the same in their own way. I especially love when it’s a group show and one after another my viewers go Cam2Cam with me. I love seeing them come for me and it feels a bit like a very sensual gangbang or orgy.

    You do lots of roleplay, any favourite role-play scenarios you love to do during live shows?

    I like to embody the essence of the MILF and astound a younger man with my sexual power and experience. This can translate into many roleplays but two I really like are 1) seducing my college aged son’s best friend and 2) being the lonely horny mother-in-law who has always wanted to be with her son-in-law and do all the naughty things her daughter won’t do. 

    What’s been the most surprising part of camming for you?

    I didn’t expect to enjoy Cam2Cam as much as I do. I don’t like random dick pics in my DMs but the consensual exchange that happens Cam2Cam lets me observe and admire everyday men tapping into their own sexiness while I do the same on my end. Maybe it’s the educator in me but I love this twist on show and tell.

    You have a history of doing a multitude of things, including burlesque performances, sex education and so much more, do viewers ever get a glimpse of the more artistic or educational side of Seska on cam?

    Sexuality across the lifespan is my muse and I love using cam as a platform to show how my all of my experiences and passions have made me the woman I am today. I think you can see my years on the burlesque stage in the way I move, tell erotic stories, and connect with my audience via the camera. 
    In terms of sex education, I think m decades of study and teaching supports my authentic nature on cam. I share how arousal works in the human body, in general and for me in particular, and inspire my viewers to do the same. I keep the 5 Ws and How in my mind as well as the 5 senses to bring some depth and dimension to the camming experience for me and my viewers. 
    I think having philosophical foundation of what sex means to me and how I want to experience and express it is what makes me able to do what I do at my age (51) and for how long I’ve been doing it (23 years).

    Live Cam: 


    Read more about Seska’s Xbiz nomination here:

    Check out Seska’s official Treasure Cams profile here:

  • Titty Tuesday with Bella Vendetta

    March is the birth month of TreasureCams CEO and celebrated pornstar and longtime webcam model, Bella Vendetta. She has already been celebrating all month long over on her website:

    Bella Vendetta for

    She has shared with us this hot little gallery of herself for Titty Tuesday today from one of her live cam shows. Bella has lots of fans who love seeing her do Breast worship shows.

    Join Bella for a very special titty tuesday show March 15th 4-8 pm EST at:

    Bella was recently interviewed for PC Mag about unfair banking practices and rules for the adult industry. And our little studio TreasureCams even got a mention!

    Bella vendetta on online censorship in PCMag

    Find the full article here:

    Bella Vendetta is also currently seeking nominations for “Best Fetish Cam Performer” for the 2022 Xbiz Cam Awards, You can VOTE DAILY for FREE until March 23rd. Catch a liveshow with her and find out why she deserves this recognition, and why she is a 5 star performer!

  • Nik Crave for Treasure Tuesdays!

    It’s the first tuesday of October, so it only seems fitting that we would begin the month of Halloween with our resident self proclaimed Garbage Witch: Nik Crave!

    Check out this interview with Nik from pride month in June, which was part of the K97 Pride month takeover, Nik talks about taking a big leap to go full time camming and how she had alot of feels about it.

    Check out the interview here:

    Bella Vendetta interviews Nik Crave

    Since this interview aired on the radio, Nik has since been camming and cumming up a storm online! You can check the TreasureCams calendar to see her schedule:
    check out Team Treasures Schedules and showtimes!

    Wanna know Nik even more and what she likes? Check out her Treasure Cams profile here:
    get to know Nik Crave!

    and of course, don’t forget to add her to your favorites, and turn on alerts so you can be alerted anytime she goes online!

    This episode of Treasure Tuesday was brought to you in part by: Super AJS gaming channel on youtube!

    Check out our buddy Super AJS doing a video game channel with some of my favorite games!

    In the spirit of October, Fall in New England, and all things metaphysical, we are also including this portion of inter view with Justin and Rebecca of Wild Soul River herbal and handmade store in Williamstown, MA. our CeHo Bella also sells her hand crafted, smmall batch oils, perfumes and sprays there! Check out the full shop online:

    listen to the full interview below:

    Justin & Rebecca of Wild Soul River interviewed by Bella Vendetta

    Connecting to community and incorporating herbal medicine and good health practices are a big part of camming success for Bella, so it’s cool to see how this stuff can tie into sex work as well. And how powerful it is to have herbal medicine community support sex workers! We will be announcing a cool virtual Treasure Hunt later this month that is partially sponsored by Wild Soul River so stay tuned for that! Visit for the full online shop.

  • Chelsea Poe’s Podcast!

    Multi award nominated Queer Pornstar and Trans 100 Recipient: filmmaker, webcam model and one of our favorite parts of Team Treasure CHELSEA POE has her very own podcast.

    It’s great, she has in depth conversations with different performers from the industry and really gets down to the nitty gritty with folks. Recently, TreasureCams CeHo Bella Vendetta got to be a guest on the podcast and talk about what the early days of the alt porn scene were like, and even a little bit about TreasureCams! It’s a great way to get to know BOTH of these performers! Give it a listen below:
    Chelsea Poe’s Performer Podcast

    Interested in getting to know more about the host, Chelsea Poe? Check out her Treasure Cams profile here:

    Interested in getting to know Chelsea a little more intimately? Catch her LIVE here: ChelseaPoe/

  • Courtney Trouble for Treasure Tuesday!

    It’s another Treasure Tuesday! Where we delve deep and get to know some of the folks who make up Team Treasure!

    Today we are sharing with you this interview TreasureCams CEHo Bella Vendetta did with Courtney Trouble!

    QueerPorn Icon, writer, artist, cam model and our webmaster! This multi disciplinary artist is a powerhouse badass babe who excels at so many different aspects of the industry. From porn performance to production, writing, presenting or photographing Courtney has been nominated and won a long list of awards in each genre.

    Take a listen to this cute interview I did with them in June for Pride month as part of Treasure Tuesdays takeover on k97fm.

    check out Courtney’s TreasureCams profile for more:

    find all of Courtney’s links here:

    visit to see Courtney’s newest work!

  • Treasure Tuesday with brook Rain!

    As promised, September is when we bring back Treasure Tuesdays! Each tuesday we will be getting to know one of our performers just a little bit better!

    To kick it off we are going to air an interview with a woman who has helped TreasureCams every step of the way (including coming in to the office just know when I couldn’t figure out the audio!)

    My wife to be! and one of the top earning models across the streamate platform: Brook Rain

    check out the interview below and give it a listen!

    Treasure Cams model Brook Rain for Treasure Tuesday

    If you like what you hear check out a liveshow with Brook every friday through monday 7 am til 11 am EST

  • Treasure Tuesdays start in September!

    It’s been a flurry of new performer signups here over the last few weeks and we have been waiting to bring you some new stuff for Treasure Tuesdays. Starting in September, we doing a variety of activities, IG takeovers, interviews, audio and video chats and guest blogs by our talented Treasure Cams performers. get to know our unique entertainers in a new way each week!

    Stay tuned for the fall lineup!

    Our first audio interview with be with seasoned cam performer Brook Rain!

    get to really know her, if you know what we mean, Friday through monday 7 am til 11 am EST at

    photo of Brook Rain by Constantine Manos
  • Treasure Tuesday!

    It’s official! Treasure Cams has sponsored a few internet radio takeovers in the past, but we are thrilled to officially launch TREASURE TUESDAYS! An hour or more of stories, introductions to your favorite cam models, interviews and of course MUSIC! This week we have Treasure Cams cutie Jae Roberts on the show for a very special Pride edition! You can catch it LIVE TONIGHT at 9 pm EST and again at midnight on

    By the end of the month we’ll have a page set up right here on as well so you can listen anytime! Check out Treasure Tuesdays!