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want to know what the models who work with Treasure Cams studio are saying?

It has been such an amazing experience working with Treasure Cams. I have tried camming in the past and spent time looking into other studios. The insight and support that Bella has is invaluable. Being in a safe and supportive studio that is a community and respects you is exceptional. It is work but having the knowledge to reach and exceed your goals is worth it!

Miss Gigi Fox

I was using other subscription sites and putting in a lot of work for little return on investment and getting frustrated. I was nervous to do cam since I’m not a professional and didn’t know where to start. Having the guidance of TreasureCams Studios has, within just a few weeks, helped me become incredibly successful and confident! I cannot believe the goals I am setting and breaking for myself and having the Cammunity and forums to answer any questions while offering support is invaluable to me

Nik Crave

Having never cammed before, I am so grateful to be a part of Treasure Cams. The business support and insight offered is top notch. The community of performers is fantastic and also very supportive of each other. Because of this, I now have a thriving and growing cam business and am proudly a high ranking performer. Its a pleasure to be a part of this Treasure of a team!

Thee Lady Katrina

I cannot say enough about Treasure Cams. Check us out. Just being part of such a wonderful, supportive community alone is worth talking about. 🖤

Shae Wednesday

I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been even half as successful at camming without going through @treasure_cams. With Bella’s help I fully transitioned to working entirely from home in under a month. 🥰

Phoenix Ashe

Joining has been the best decision I could have made! Not only do I get access to a helpful team of tech savvy people and the support of a team of truly amazing SWs, My income has Doubled!

I can’t thank Bella and her team enough for their dedication to making a safe, supportive environment for SWs, especially those of us with disabilities

Theda Foxxx

I’ve tried cam work a few times in the past. I tried it solo without a studio, I tried another studio, and then I finally found my home with Treasure Cams. There’s SO MUCH community and that’s why I say home. It’s refreshing to feel supported and safe. Other studios have told me to work as long as possible, as often as I can and in a full face of makeup! It’s nice to have managerial people who understand that life happens. When I sign on and do my whole shift, I feel pretty satisfied. It’s a lot of work but at the end of the day, it feels like it was all pretend and I’m chilling back at home. The site itself has a lot of traffic so I don’t have to spend my off-time finding people to join my shows. Instead, I can watch past meetings and read the forums to find ways to make my shows better. Collecting a weekly, taxable paycheck is rewarding. I can use this money to buy big things and don’t have to worry about creating ways to verify income. I’m a few months in and I am very happy I started camming again. The world is changing and doing all of the online work is draining. So I’ll sit and watch myself do fun things for a bit a few times a week. It’s a lot better than venturing out and wondering if it’ll be worth it that day. I wish I started sooner. 

Sunny Cheex

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