Cam With Us

Cam With Us

Are you an adult performer interested in earning steady, reliable income from the comfort of your own home?

Are you dedicated, hard working and willing to take webcam seriously as a job?

TREASURECAMS is Bella Vendetta’s CamSharks sub studio, owned by multiple award winning pornstar Jayda Diamonde. Our traffic comes from the world’s largest webcam company with targeted traffic. We bring customers to YOU! But we guide you through the process as strippers, porn stars, cam stars, and veteran models. What’s different about signing up with Treasure Cams is that you’ll get personalized training from the ground up, regular check ins of your streams and income with individualized advice and direction on how to earn more.

Bella is looking for Highly motivated and organized individuals who are willing to commit and invest to take their online careers to the next level. It is certainly possible to make a little bit of side money doing cam a few hours here and there. We can get you the best placement, most traffic and regular, loyal customers. I’ll help you with every single aspect of getting signed up, approved and streaming. But what I am really seeking and want to spend my time cultivating are high earners who want to take webcam seriously as a job.

  • Folks willing to put 10-25+ hours in weekly.
  • Folks who have been putting time and energy into their onlyfans accounts who are frustrated with the platforms limitations and lack of internal traffic. Tirelessly promoting yourself online for little return.
  • folks aged 21 and over looking to stream solo, or as couples 

What Will I Need To Get Started?

The top earners who take this seriously as a job have dedicated desktop laptops, hardwired high speed internet connections, and top of the line webcam. BUT we can work you up to that! All you need to start is a high speed internet connection and a smart phone. A laptop and webcam are great bonuses to begin with too. We can have a consult and assess what kind of equipment you have.

We can go over your schedule and find timeslots that make sense for you to stream and what’s actually possible for you. Without burning out and overworking yourself. I want this to be a sustainable and reliable income for you! For most people it’s a lifestyle change. So I’m looking for folks who are open to change, with the ability to accept feedback.

Keeping in mind my own strong suites as studio manager, I am particularly interested in:

  • Pornstars, influencers and other well known adult content creators who already have a following and fanbase and are looking to monetize it in a new way.
  • Amateurs who have never been on cam and who are new to adult industry online and who are not spread out over tons of platforms.
  • Sex workers who may have been really successful in in person work or different aspects of sex work who are looking for guidance to go online and stay home and safe during covid.
  • Strippers whose clubs are closed down and particularly those who have a home pole setup.
  • Pro Dommes who want to offer online sessions to current clients in a  secure way, as well as find new online submissives to serve you in all sorts of ways.
  • Pro subs who want to cash in on online play with curious and experienced players alike.
  • Queers! I have taught workshops in the past about authentic marketing in queerporn and applied that to cam.  I currently have a performer signed up who is doing well as a stud lesbian performer.  Queers may have felt pressured to conform in some way to mainstream beauty types in the industry.  I want to support you and celebrate you and your realness and I know that we will find your audience who will appreciate you as yourself.
  • Folks of all body types, races, ethnicities, genders and representations.
  • If you consider yourself a specialty or niche performer.

There’s money and customers for all types of people and I want all types of people represented for Treasure Cams.

What performers get:

In addition to all the knowledge inside of Bella’s head about how to earn big money and get steady checks that pay the bill each week:

You get access to the entire TreasureCams team:

Not only do you get  a fat check every week, you get the tools to grow your cam career and maximize your profits.

  • Access to Treasure Cams Performer Only Forums Where you can get expert advice on every single aspect of camming. The interactive forums are utilized by all models to connect and network with each other, share information and advice and as a way to keep up with all the things going on with TreasureCams (It’s alot I promise)
  • It’s a real community! We do monthly team meetings where we check in with each other, delve deep into certain aspects of camming, or sometimes have a special guest or workshop.
  • You’ll also get added to all the exclusive TreasureCams engagement groups on almost every platform, a new place to sell clips and videos, so you can make passive income at the same time as you’re making active income camming.
  • We also help provide press releases for your announcements, discounts on promotional graphics/editing and other productions services, and other fun discounts for team members on things like personal care products, sex toys, and much much more!
  • The resources afforded to TreasureCams performers are too long to even list here!

If all of this sounds cool and you wanna talk to us:

Sign up here:

Bella Vendetta herself will personally get back to you via email within 5 business days, and follow up with some more questions.

The next step will be to set up a phone or video consultation and talk about how we get you up and streaming and EARNING!

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