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Chelsea Poe’s Podcast!

Multi award nominated Queer Pornstar and Trans 100 Recipient: filmmaker, webcam model and one of our favorite parts of Team Treasure CHELSEA POE has her very own podcast.

It’s great, she has in depth conversations with different performers from the industry and really gets down to the nitty gritty with folks. Recently, TreasureCams CeHo Bella Vendetta got to be a guest on the podcast and talk about what the early days of the alt porn scene were like, and even a little bit about TreasureCams! It’s a great way to get to know BOTH of these performers! Give it a listen below:

Chelsea Poe’s Performer Podcast

Interested in getting to know more about the host, Chelsea Poe? Check out her Treasure Cams profile here:

Interested in getting to know Chelsea a little more intimately? Catch her LIVE here: ChelseaPoe/