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Interview with Seska

Today for Treasure Tuesday we are releasing this cute interview we did with top Treasure Cams performer: SESKA!

Seska is not only a top Treasure Cams performer, but also a top earning model across the entire streamate platform! She has placed among the top 500 models multiple times. Check out her Profile for more!

Seska is currently nominated for “Best MILF Cam Performer for the 2022 Xbiz Cam Awards! Don’t forget you can vote for her DAILY for FREE by CLICKING HERE!

The Real Seska

Interview by Bella Vendetta:

How are you finding your new home environment?  And how is it different camming from there?

I’m very happy in my new place. I stream from my bedroom and it’s a bit smaller than my previous one so I’ve had to develop some new body memory as I tend to be spontaneous and very much “in the moment” when I cam unless someone requests a position or a camera angle. In my new place, I realized I liked to lean in certain ways that didn’t work in the new space. Thankfully I found my new sweet spots for excellent views (especially of my bush).

I’m also thrilled with how quiet it is. My old apartment was undergoing very noisy repairs and it made for a very unsexy experience for me. No one likes Cranky Seska including me!

What is your schedule and when can people find you live?

I’m live 7 am – 11 am Eastern Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I’ve recently added a happy hour shift 4 pm – 8 pm on Monday. 
Once a week (usually on Friday at 8 am) I do what is called an “external show” where members of my paysite can log in directly and get free access to a 20-30 minute group show. I go on a sexual journey much as I did during my original cam shows of the early 2000s. I might use all of my butt plugs from the smallest to biggest or have multiple orgasms in various positions while describing in detail how everything feels. These shows are archived for my members and I also record them and edit together the highlights as a bonus paysite update as well as something I post in my Streamate clip store. 
By the way, non-members can catch these shows on a pay-per-minute basis and I do chat and interact with them just like I do every show though if I’m in the midst of a powerful orgasm it might take a moment.

You cam in the morning, what is that like?  I think a lot of people must be surprised that you make a living doing sex work at such an early hour!

I love camming in the mornings. I find the viewers to be sweet, smart, respectful and focused in their horniness and there are a lot of them.  
Many are in similar time zones to me and are looking for some pleasure before they start their day. Those in Europe and thereabouts are sneaking in some fun at the office between meetings and those in Australia and New Zealand are relaxing at the end of their day and up for some naughty fun. It’s a great mix.
On the weekends’ people tend to have more time to go deeper into their fantasies and I get kinkier sessions with cuckolds, crossdressers and guys who have their own toys— all of which are such turn-ons for me. People who trust me with their secret fantasies and kinks are some of my favourite cam clients.

What kind of cam shows do you do?  

I do a sensual come-together show (something I’ve nicknamed The Seska Classic). I love to get naked and touch myself everywhere with my fingers using luxurious lube and oils and then introduce my beautiful dildos and powerful vibrators so I genuinely enjoy myself as my viewers do the same in their own way. I especially love when it’s a group show and one after another my viewers go Cam2Cam with me. I love seeing them come for me and it feels a bit like a very sensual gangbang or orgy.

You do lots of roleplay, any favourite role-play scenarios you love to do during live shows?

I like to embody the essence of the MILF and astound a younger man with my sexual power and experience. This can translate into many roleplays but two I really like are 1) seducing my college aged son’s best friend and 2) being the lonely horny mother-in-law who has always wanted to be with her son-in-law and do all the naughty things her daughter won’t do. 

What’s been the most surprising part of camming for you?

I didn’t expect to enjoy Cam2Cam as much as I do. I don’t like random dick pics in my DMs but the consensual exchange that happens Cam2Cam lets me observe and admire everyday men tapping into their own sexiness while I do the same on my end. Maybe it’s the educator in me but I love this twist on show and tell.

You have a history of doing a multitude of things, including burlesque performances, sex education and so much more, do viewers ever get a glimpse of the more artistic or educational side of Seska on cam?

Sexuality across the lifespan is my muse and I love using cam as a platform to show how my all of my experiences and passions have made me the woman I am today. I think you can see my years on the burlesque stage in the way I move, tell erotic stories, and connect with my audience via the camera. 
In terms of sex education, I think m decades of study and teaching supports my authentic nature on cam. I share how arousal works in the human body, in general and for me in particular, and inspire my viewers to do the same. I keep the 5 Ws and How in my mind as well as the 5 senses to bring some depth and dimension to the camming experience for me and my viewers. 
I think having philosophical foundation of what sex means to me and how I want to experience and express it is what makes me able to do what I do at my age (51) and for how long I’ve been doing it (23 years).

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