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Amazon Maddox

Performer name: Amazon Maddox
Age: 28
Gender: Gender Fluid Femme
Cam link: T
ypes of cam shows I offer: I offer BDSM power exchange shows, Fetish and Kink shows, Guided Meditations and affirmations. JOI, CEI as well as Feminization/Slut/Bimbo training, Pet play and various roleplays such as stern school mistress and afterschool bully, Dominant Life Coaching and Girlfriend experiences.
Regular schedule: Sunday 8pm-10am Tuesday 8pm-11pm Thursday 8pm-Midnight Friday 9pm-Midnight(alternating) Subject to change
Monthly specialty show: Full Moon ritual Show every full moon(may include special guests)
My sex work career and how I ended up on cam: I have been a ProDomme, Fetish Model and Performer in NYC for the past 3 years. It has been a dream to be a Dominatrix in my own right, and I feel blessed to be able to do so. I ended up camming thanks to the lack of ProDomme representation.
My favorite type of show to do: I am a natural smartass and have such a playful mean streak, so the Femdom trope is my home. I have a theater background and utilize it best to a scenario. I love protocol, it makes me SO happy(and horny)when things are done to my liking. It means you respect me and my time and know your place is to make me happy. Don’t get me wrong…I very much look forward to correcting behaviors as well. My implements are many. Why I love working for myself: Its my life and no one should control it but me.
Favorite bands: Vast. Old stuff ranging from Floyd to Zepplin to Sabbath to Priest, to my childhood stuff like Pantera Metallica RATM, to stuff thatll make you shake your ass like Missy Elliot, OutKast, and Prince.
Favorite movies: Too many haha but most of Terantino, various Forgeign flicks like Raid and old Bruce Lee but also comedies like Jay and Silent Bob
Favorite tv shows: IDK all the gay shit haha but also things like Sailor Moon DBZ FLCL and of course shit like Game of Thrones but I’m also a big histroy buff and documentary ho.
Favorite foods: Spicy>sweet but combined are a treat F
avorite toys: Easy bake oven, wtf you think? I like vampire gloves and knives and various blunt objects
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