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Rocco Saturn

performer name:

Rocco Saturn

cam link:




Genderqueer FTM



type of shows I offer:

Horny Hairy Thick Squirting FTM with Tits and HUGE nipples

Regular Schedule:

M, Tu, Th & Fri Noon-4pm EST

My sex work career and how I ended up on cam:

When I started Hormone Replacement Therapy, my already high libido went through the roof. I started selling squirting clips on various sites and then landed here with Treasure Cams

My favorite type of show to do:

Heavy Squirting and Tit Torture

Why I love working for myself:

I need to cum multiple times a day and I’d rather do it with you than alone.

Favorite bands:

I have Very eclectic music tastes! Punk is my go to feel good music but I have deep appreciation for Folk, Hip-Hop, Rock and New Wave. My all time faves span from The Queers, Lizzo, Townes Van Zant, Tu-Pac, Poison, Weezer, The Cure, Kimya Dawson, Hank Willams, Tom Petty, Bad Bunny Days N Daze—see I told you –Eclectic!

Favorite Movies:

Anything and Everything by Tim Burton! Also Monty Python when I need a laugh!!

Favorite TV Shows:

Sense8, Atypical, The Good Place, The Circle (guiltiest pleasure)

Favorite Foods:

Meat, meat with a side of meat

Favorite toys:

My HUGE clear Dildo and my butterfly controled by YOU (ask for info)


FTM, Trans, Genderqueer, squirter, thick, hairy