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time to celebrate The Lady Katrina

Let’s celebrate The Lady Katrina

we haven’t talked about Her nearly enough lately! So, last time there was an SM contest, we announced Treasure Cams had TWO of the top 500 earners during the September contest across the platform, but CORRECTION. we had THREE of the top 500 earners across the platform! Amending to say that The Lady Katrina had placed as well! Sorry for glossing over her. She only streamed for ONE day during the two day contest so it slipped our mind. But that is the power of The Lady Katrina. Streamed for ONE shift and was among the top 500 earners on the platform. She is an incredible performer who cultivates true connection with Her submissives and fans on cam.

We are thrilled to announce that She has once again placed among the top 500 earners in the LAST Streamate contest, which ended yesterday. She placed quite high! Ranked #236 across the entire platform!

Wanna find out why!? Catch a liveshow with her! Available multiple nights per week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday nights!

We also thought it was high time that we rewarded Her loyal fans with some new updated photos. For your worshipping enjoyment! Follow Her on cam, favorite so you are alerted when She goes live and tip!