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Violet October

Violet October is an OG cam model on the streamate network. A pornstar with a juicy body, enchanting eyes and a giggle so sweet it’s no wonder customers come back again and again and again. catch one of her submissive slutty gfe roleplaying shows!

Violet October


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A true kinky, submissive girlfriend experience complete with lots of seductive teasing, playful flirtyness and cock worship. I have quite the switchy side and love having my curvy body worshipped while I tease and edge my fans who are more submissive than I am.

Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday late nights 9pm-1am PST

Monthly member’s only show on my VIP onlyfans! Typically with things I don’t do in private shows because they’re too messy or take too much setup. Glitter oil shows & seductive bubble baths, or playing with fresh berries & whipped cream.

I started my career in sex work as a bartender at a stripclub while I was in college in 2011. I learned I was an exhibitionist and would routinely get on stage with dancers I had crushes on before a dancer friend introduced me to camming on streamate and sexting on MyGirlFund! In 2012 I moved to Las Vegas, but was very shy and stayed home. On a last minute whim, I drove down to the AVN convention and met so many other camgirls and performers who ignited my interests in kink, BDSM, and partnered play in sex work. In 2013, I found myself deep in he spanking fetish film community and found work at the world famous bunny ranch in rural nevada! Since then, I’ve enjoyed 11 more years of filming porn with lovers and friends, leaning into my exhibitionism on cam, and have had the pleasure of being signed with a porn agency Skin Talent in 2017-2018. Through my partnership with Skin Talent, I had amazing experiences filming for Kink, Team Skeet, Insex, Assylum and more. In 2019 just before the Covid shutdown during which I fully re-immersed myself into the world of camming and phone sex! I’ve always been drawn to sex work due to it’s ease of access when my chronic health issues make life a little hard – but above all else I have always loved the connection I have found in sex work with my fans, co-workers, and clients as well as the pure joy I have found in creating beautiful, wonderful, seductive works of art. Sex work has changed my life in so many ways. It has awarded me the opportunities to teach classes with Las Vegas Building Blocks on how to stay safe in online sex work, as well as speak on panels with other sex workers to mental health professionals seeking to learn how to better servce their sex worker clients. Still to this day, I volunteer with sex worker led organizations and help plan, host and run admin for the Sex Work Network discord and giving time to SWAID Collective with I have excess energy to share with my community. I love being featured on podcasts where I can speak candidly to non SWs about sex work and why our work is important and how laws affecting sex work affects their own lives as well as ours.

I have SUCH an insane oral fixation and truly get off on giving the perfect mix of GFE and PSE blowjobs.It’s a fetish that allws me to play with being both submissive and dominant. I love dancing that line between “blowjob slut” and “absolute tease.”

I have the mouth of a sailor with very little regards to having a filter between my thoughts and my dirty, flirty, sarcastic little mouth. I do not know how to go through life without having candid, intimate conversations about sex, kink, sexuality, and sensuality. I love the freedom that sex work gives me when it comes to navigating chronic physical health and mental health. I have ALWAYS loved the entire process of content creation and finding news ways to connect extremely intimately with my fans through the content I create for them. Sex work allows me to share my art with the world as well as EXIST as art. Sex work allows me to give intimacy to people who may not know how or where to seek it elsewhere. Sex work allows me the ability to explore my MASSIVE range of kinks and fetishes in a very public way with some of the most talented fetishists and yummy sadists that the world of porn and kink have to offer. As a kinky ehibitionist artist, I could not have crafted a more perfect dream life for myself. And honestly – there is no experience remotely similar to the experience of living and working with 5-20 other sex workers. The stories and joy that have come into my life in this way are unforgettable.

Falling In Reverse, Halsey, Ashnikko, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, In This Moment, Apocalyptica, Taylor Swift, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Apocalyptica, My Chemical Romance, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Kesha, Lady Gaga, The Chicks, LeeAnn Rimes, The All American Rejects, Shania Twain, Hollywood Undead, and Emilie Autumn,

Phantom Of The Opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Carnival, Rent, Sweeney Todd, Interview With The Vampire, The Labyrinth, Scream, Hell House LLC, Hell House LLC Origins – The Carmichael Manor, Jeepers Creepers, Paranormal Activity, Queen Of The Damned,

AMC’s Interview With The Vampire, Squid Game, Lost Girl, What We Do In The Shadows, Fringe, Game Of Thrones, House of The Dragon, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Arcane, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Good Place, AMC’s Mayfair Witches, The Last Of Us, Designated Survivor, The Newsroom, Castlevania, Wednesday,

Pumpkin pie, sushi, mango sticky rice, bluebell homemade vanilla icecream, french onion soup, and toasted marshmallows.

Sensuelle Point Rechargeable Bullet Vibe!! It’s a 10/10!! I buy have bought a new once every year since 2012!! (I’m a bit hard on my vibrators….)

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