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TreasureCams July Team Meeting

TONIGHT we return to our monthly team meetings!

We hold a 2 hour meeting monthly for our TreasureCams performers and team members. Each meeting is a bit different, but all meetings always have alot of valuable information shared. Some meetings have a particular focus or lesson, sometimes it’s a workshop or a guest speaker.

Tonight’s meeting is a general meeting. We’ll introduce our new team members, get to know studio head Bella Vendetta a little bit better, and go over some important points.

Such. as: Our upcoming busy season, social media platforms and the ongoing contest.

We have much to discuss!

This meeting will be recorded and shared in the TreasureCams Performer Only Forums, so folks who can not make it can catch up with what we talked about.

If this sort of cammunity, complete with mentorship and valuable advice from seasoned industry veterans, feedback and input from sex workers just like you: Consider Joining us!

If you are interested in live cam, check out our page with our cam platforms:

If you are interested in fan sites and subscription platforms, check out our page here:

Reach out with any questions you have!

*Team meetings are not mandatory, but are highly encouraged so you can take advantage of your cammunity.