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Nonbinary femme



type of show I offer:

Strip shows, cooking shows, storytimes, cosplay, foot fetsh, breast/ass worship, bdsm and impact play shows It really depends on my mood! I have such a wide variety of interests, sometimes I just wanna do naked arts and crafts!

Regular Schedule

Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights & Saturday mornings

My sex work career and how I ended up on cam:

I really love taking pictures of myself, being watched by a group of people, and being on camera, so this seemed like a natural career move!

My favorite type of show to do:

Improv Connection shows, where I get a lot of feedback from my fans, and can play within the suggestion pool

Why I love working for Myself:

Being able to work my own hours and just have fun with it, is absolutely why I love this

Favorite Bands:

Musicals: animated, broadway, and wide screen adaptations; demi Lovato, p!nk, no doubt, elle king, ashnikko, and my queen Peggy Lee

Favorite Movies

Clue, princess mononoke, porco rosso, clerks, Romy & Michelle’s high school reunion, sleeping beauty(2011), blast from the past, rocky horror picture show, labyrinth, robin hood: men in tights, & young Frankenstein

Favorite TV Shows

Steven Universe, the Drew Barrymore show, bobs burgers, what we do the the shadows, ghosts, the legend of vox machina, food wars, outlaw star, batman the animated series, gentleman jack, and ducktales

Favorite Foods

Pasta of variety; from stuffed shells to American Chop suey; tacos, applesauce, life cereal, blackberries, pineapple, extra cheddar goldfish, & Italian ice

Favorite Toys

My classic (and dying) plug in the wall vibrator, leather paddle, & rainbow dildo!

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Goth, tattoos, body modification, piercings, alt, pink hair, purple hair, submissive, Switch, fetish, foot fetish, thigh highs, heels, cosplay, elf,cosplay, jiggle, egirl, thick, curvy