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Treasure Cams studios has top earners across the entire streamate platform AGAIN!

I’m here to brag AGAIN:

Treasure Cams had TWO of the top 500 earning performers on the entire platform of streamate during this last 2 day contest

Congrats to Seska and Lita Lecherous

and we had Brook Rain and Goddess Ally come in pretty close behind and still be in the top 1,000

This is a HUGE deal on a platform with tens of thousands of active models!


How do they do it you ask?

By showing the fuck up! treating it like a job, working the right hours, being engaged and present with their audience, and accepting feedback and tweaks to achieve those next levels of cam success!

check the schedule and see if you can catch one of these performers live sometime so you can see why they are so highly rated and taking home nice big checks that pay the fukin bills!