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Treasure Cams sponsors “The Performer’s Pod”

Pornstar, activist, filmmaker and TreasureCams performer, Chelsea Poe has her very own podcast: “The Performer’s Pod”

A new episode drops every single monday on all major platforms including SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE

In the past TreasureCams Studio Head Bella Vendetta has appeared on the podcast as a guest, check out our blog post:

Well, we are proud to announce that TreasureCams is a proud sponsor of Chelsea Poe’s Podcast for the month of April 2022!

Give her podcast a listen and hear a shoutout for TreasureCams during sponsorship announcements. It’s important that porn performers get to tell their own stories, and that sex workers are doing journalism, and not leaving it to non sex workers to tell our tales.

Support Chelsea by listening at the links above.

You can also support Chelsea, on cam! Multiple times per week. Find her live at:

and check out her full Treasure Cams official profile here: