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The TreasureCams Performer Only Forums

One of the greatest assets given to all Treasure Cams performers are the Treasure Cams performer only forums. The forums contains pages upon pages of information that is incredibly useful to all cam models. Bella has written tutorials, essays and multiple threads on every single aspect of camming. For new model there is a list of MUST READ THREADS that you should read before streaming. Things that can help you get top ranking and the best traffic. Threads on things like, the preferred webcam for our platform, best times to stream, which and how man hours to do to get top placement within the algorithm, lighting tips, direct links to equipment and so much more.

Along with the written threads we also host recordings of previous TreasureCams team meetings and workshops that you can watch or listen to as a podcast.

In addition to hearing from Bella, performers have the ability to introduce themselves and ask questions and the entire cam studio has the ability to add in their experience and knowledge.

You can search the forums with words, tags or phrases and everything pertaining to that topic will pop up.

We recommend performers spend a few moments checking in with the forums at least weekly to see what’s new and what’s being shared!

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