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The Bella Challenge meeting!

This March award winning adult industry veteran Bella Vendetta will be running the. “Bella Challenge!”

This is a four week challenge that comes with weekly updates, assignments, checkins and goal setting for cam models active within the TreasureCams network.

We will be looking at self discipline, self care, goal setting, data collection and making sense of it, and finding a sustainable schedule that works for you as a content creator and livestreamer.

This meeting with be the pre-lim meeting for the challenge, to discuss what we’ll be doing, and give folks who want to participate a small list of things they can do to prepare.

If this type of interactive training and prep is appealing to you, consider camming with us!  Check out the sign up form here:

The pre challenge meeting is February. 19th 4-5 pm EST. Send an email for more info: TreasureCamsRecruiting@gmail . com

The challenge: is really: to listen to what Bella has to say and just TRY to do what she is saying, for one month. Afterwards, check out your earnings and see if they’ve gone up or down!

Everyone who tried this challenge last year ended up making MORE money, some folks even still implementing things they learned a year later. Sign up to cam with us and give it a try!