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Terms and Conditions

To be accepted in TreasureCams and on our representative group of webcam sites as a webcam model, you must first complete our signup form located HERE. We will send you further instructions within 48 hours (if accepted) on how to complete your signup and be approved to work. In order to get final approval to work you will be required to first submit a government issued photo ID proving your age and have proof of address verification, such as a utility bill, bank account or phone bill in your name. You will complete a few simple signup questions and choose your payment option. Once approved, Your profile will be visible on OVER 3,000 exclusive webcam sites within our worldwide network! By completing and submitting our sign up form to TreasureCams, you are authorizing and granting us the exclusive right to open and create an account on your behalf on the TreasureCams network, it’s parent company and affiliated sites and get you approved to work and make money today! You understand you will have to complete the signup process before you will be given final approval to work. There is no cost to join us. By signing up through TreasureCams, you are agreeing to not create or attempt to create an account outside the TreasureCams umbrella on our representative home network. Any accounts created outside of TreasureCams on our home network will either be closed or moved back to TreasureCams. You may close and or reopen your account at any time you wish. We do not release models to other studios. You must be at least 18 years of age or older (19 years of age in Canada) in order to join TreasureCams. We offer a payout percentage of 29% on ALL streaming sales, plus 50% commission on video sales to all models with weekly paychecks and NO chargebacks or holdbacks (25% for international accounts). What you see on your pay stats is the actual amount your paycheck will be, every week, no excuses… no surprise deductions.  We also offer many contest and bonus earnings rounds through out the year as well as some paid promotion opportunities to certain models. All active models receive access to the TreasureCams performer only forums, filled with useful info, tutorials and even videos that can help you earn on cam. Bella. Vendetta herself offers a live one on one consult with active models after 2 weeks of streaming. Support anytime you need it and the ability to answer your questions, contact the office on your behalf and many more perks. Sign up to become a webcam model HERE