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We have a full inbox and overflowing DMs of folks who are really scared right now because they are about to lose their earning platform, and have lots of questions about livestreaming and how to make money on cam.

The owner of TreasureCams went onto our instagram account to post lots of info in the stories, you can catch that here: TreasureCams on ig

To answer some questions:

YES it is a great time to sign up with us! We are just about to roll into our busy season and it would be a GREAT time to be in that new performer category!

We can get you set up and rolling within 48 hours. It starts with filling out the form on the cam with us page here:

come stream with TreasureCams!

You can stream as much or as little as you like, though you will see we specialize in working with folks who want to put hours in and make cam their main source of income. We can help you get to the point of taking home checks that pay the bills. There’s also passive income on the platform including YES, A FANCLUB OPTION! Don’t let all of your beautiful content go to waste! You can release photos and videos, for sale or free. You can utilize video sales as. astand alone clip store, and also as incentive for your fanclub, so you can give away videos to your fanclub members.

Unlike platforms like onlyfans which is run on very low price expectations, the fanclub options on our platforms price points begin around $15-20 per month. It’s also a great incentive to have your loyal fans be able to get a discount on your live shows, which keeps them coming back!

Our industry has been trending towards personalized and one on one interactions, such as DMs (which we have!) and CAM SHOWS! The time is now to get into this industry and make a name for yourself!

Or…don’t! There are entertainers who take home THOUSANDS of dollars EACH WEEK who never advertise on social media. Instead of constantly begging for folks to come check out your shows, we bring all the traffic to you! You have your own referral link so if YOU bring your loyal fans over to the platform you earn a higher percentage PLUS commission on any performer they spend on through the entire platform!

There’s alot of awesome options and I don’t want to sound like an infomercial but there’s a reason I really believe in this platform. We have already been complying with incredibly stringent verification process that are above and beyond what any platform anywhere is doing.

Instead of camming all by yourself out in the world you can be part of an actual team. We have team meetings, engagement groups, group chats, forums, and all sorts of ways which we support each other and give feedback.

If this sounds great to you read more and sign up!