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Shy Seduction

Performer name: Shy Seduction

Age: Who asks women their age anymore? 😀 I’m immortal. <3

Gender: Female

Cam link:

Types of cam shows I offer: Erotic/Exotic Dancing, Pole Art, Aerial Art, Yoga, Foot Worship, G/G Foot Worship, Candlewax play, Cosplay, Zombie/Zilf/SFX (I am a horror makeup artist!)

Regular schedule: Varies

Monthly specialty show: Coming Soon!

My sex work career and how I ended up on cam: I have been a performance artist for many years. Miss dancing on stage in clubs. So I came here to entertain all of you!

My favorite type of show to do: Foot Worship – Dancing – Yoga

Why I love working for myself: Freedom

Favorite bands: Varies depending on my mood. I take paid suggestions for music also!

Favorite movies: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Snatch.

Favorite tv shows: I don’t watch TV. But if I did. Archer. Probably.

Favorite foods: breakfast. all day. Avos. Tiramisu.

Favorite toys: The ones I sell. 😉 Ask me about them!

Wishlist link:

Categories: erotic / exotic / findomme / goddessworship / footfetish / ZILF / ZombieFetish / PoleArt