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TreasureCams performer Ophi Rocks has been having ALOT of fun on cam, some would even say too much fun, if such a thing exists. She has been connecting with fans, meeting new ones, doing toy shows, engaging in lively chat and showing off those big gorgeous boobies! Ophi always has a new cute outfit or wig or look to show you! And of course a fun selection of toys too. A post op trans woman, Ophi has a cast made of their cock so they can truly fuck themselves for your viewing pleasure. She really is a rare treat!

a still from Ophi’s liveshow

It’s about time we unveil Ophi’s official TreasureCams profile, so please take some time to get to know Ophi:

Get to know Ophi Rocks

Ophi will be live Monday, Friday and Saturday evenings find Ophi live at: