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coming up with a great stage name

Coming up with a  great stage name can be an anxiety inducing activity for alot of people!  After all, you’re gonna be known by that name and called by that name by your fans.  Whether you are new to cam and adult work in general, or looking to rebrand and have a new personna entirely for cam, it’s something worth taking some time to consider.

Here’s my best advice and even some of my regrets!

Choose a name that’s easy to spell.  Make sure it’s something easy for them.  Easy for overly horny, or possibly drunk late night feverish strokers to spell and remember.  Bella Vendetta is an awesome name, but SO many people can’t spell Vendetta.  Which brings me to my next point:

Rhyming names are great!

Your stage name should not have any part of your real name in it.  You should not use any fictional characters name, or comic book character etc.  Most names are trademarked and you could easily run into problems or have your name rejected all together.

Some things I like to tell people to consider when thinking of a name.  Make it something you love and can live with.  

Come up with a first and last part of your name.  It doesn’t need to be a proper first and last name such as: Jessica Smith, But  it should  have two parts.  Perhaps a name part and a descriptive part.  Such as:  JessicaBBW or LongLeggedJess.  There should be a name in there, do not use onl descriptive words as a stage name, such as: blueeyesbigtits or sexyMILF, everyone is going to ask what your NAME is so it’s good marketing to include your name so people can remember you.

Maybe you have a name you always fantasized about being called growing up and wished was your name.  Mine was Angelina, and that was one of My first porn names I used!

Think of some of your favorite things:  Your favorite: stone, color,  planet, flower, city, car, song, poem, and choose an aspect  of that to play off of.

When you choose your name, make sure to google it and see if it is in use anywhere.  Make sure it’s not the name of some celebrity or business.  Double check and google the name with “cam” or “porn” or “nude” etc and see.  And it’s also good form to go to the cam site you are registering on and search and see if  the name is in use.

Whatever you decide on, come up with 2-3 slight variations in case the name has been taken.  THOUSANDS of models sign up for cam, some of whom never end up streaming, so their names won’t even come up in a search, but the name will still be taken in the database.  So come up with some variations, like JessicaBBW69 or JessicaBBWLive.

Hope this helps someone!

I am actually really great at helping people come up with stage names, and in fact always have a running list of fantastic names I come up with that I hope someone will one day claim.  If you sign up with my webcam studio: I can help you with this service!

Happy Camming!

~Bella Vendetta

Bella Vendetta is an award winning  veteran cam model and head of Treasure Cams webcam studio

This article was first published on CamSharks!